Mizuno WaveRider18 in Interlaken Switzerland

As an ambassador for FitFluential.com, I often get the opportunity to try out new and exciting products in the world of fitness. As a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery, foot wear peaks my interest. As a newly christened aerobe, running shoes have become of even greater interest.

You see, as a former gymnast and bodybuilder, running hasn't always been a part of my routine. As I have cut weight from my bodybuilding days, it has been amazing how much easier running has become. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the highly catabolic long distance running, but I have learned to love the rush of high intensity interval sprinting.

When looking for a running shoe, I am a fan of extra support. Minimalistic running shoes are what I call "job security". I see too many athletes trying out this fad which leads to stress fractures and plantar fasciopathy. If done correctly and gradually this can be efficient and effective, but needs patience. I have used heavy supportive stability shoes in the past, but I've my recent experience with the Mizuno Wave Rider 18s has made me realize that the heavier shoes have been limiting my performance.

mizuno table.jpg

I received the Wave Rider 18s and immediately noticed how light they were compared to my stability shoes. The first thing I thought was, "how much support can these really have?". By doing my "two-finger-test" where you pick up the shoe with 2 fingers on the toe and the heel and try to bend the shoe in half, I learned that these shoes have solid construction with enough support to be confident that I wouldn't get a stress fracture or too much arch to cause peroneal tendinitis (if you have too much arch support it is common to get peroneal tendinitis or 5th metatarsal stress fractures).

As some of you might have seen in my Instagram posts, I tested the shoes out in a safe environment running 2 miles of interval sprints on a Woodway treadmill. I have to admit it was the fastest and most comfortable run I have had all year. The shoes breathe well and accomodate foot swelling. Heel-toe running was just as comfortable as forefoot strike during sprints. I experienced zero metatarsalgia or fasciitis symptoms in the days to come.

mizuno running.JPG

So next came the real test of durability: Hiking in Interlaken Switzerland. Although these shoes aren't made for hiking trails, I tried them anyway. Despite all the gravel, roots, logs, wet leaves, and uneven surfaces the shoes kept my feet comfy for a 5 mile hike at the top of Harder Kulm. If you're looking for a light, responsive running shoe with enough support to avoid injury I am a fan of these new Mizuno Wave Rider 18's.

mizuno jungfrau.jpg

This is a picture of my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s with the "Top of Europe" JungFrau Joch at my toe! Cheers!

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