Making the CCC Harder With Titin!

I've been doing my Century Club Challenge for over 10 years and it has always been challenging to go through the entire workout. However, sometimes I don't feel like doing 1000 reps! I often prefer to do a 1/4 or 1/2 Century Challenge, but with more difficult variations of the exercises.

In the past I have tried to do this with weighted vests. I have found that there really isn't anything better for improving your strength and performance on calisthenic like movements as done in the CCC. I've been involved in weighted training for many years as well. Here's an article about the benefits of weighted vests.

One thing that is problematic about these vests is that they move around a bit. Now this can help with building global balance control, but it makes it very difficult to do fine or complex movements. This also causes some chaffing.

Enter Through my friend Kelly Olexa at I have been connected with a fascinating start-up company. Check out their kickstarter campaign here:

My Take on Titin: I love it! The material is durable compression wear that breathes quite well and fits snuggly against my physique. It didn't hinder my movement at all. In fact, other than the exercises being harder and my fatigue setting in quicker, I hardly noticed I was wearing anything other than a tight shirt. Definitely more flexible and less combersome than a vest.

But this stuff is more remarkable than that. After my workout, I took the weighted gel inserts out of the freezer and used the shirt to ice my shoulders! You heard it right... The gel weights that fit into the shirt can be heated or cooled for cryo/thermal therapy. I would imagine this would feel great when training in extreme temps too.

Check out the video I placed on youtube of my CCC workout with the Titin Force Compression Shirt. I even threw in some Burpees for the fun of it. I can't wait to try the shorts system to boost the weight from 8lbs to 13lbs!

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