G.A.I.N. Plan

The Prisk G.A.I.N. Plan is designed to provide a guide to living an active and healthy life by applying a few simple, yet powerful principles to help define and achieve individualized health and fitness goals.  Developed by orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Victor Prisk, who, prior to his medical career, was a national champion gymnast, body builder and swing dancer, it is based on over 25 years of research and application.  It is based not only on setting goals, but setting the right goals at the right time, based on your own aspirations, age and lifestyle. Unlike other popular diet or fitness programs, it is not a single program to be religiously implemented for a specific outcome such as weight loss or sports performance, but rather, a multi-dimension program that can be tailored to individual needs and phased into reasonably obtainable objectives.


Setting daily, weekly, and monthly goals allows one to stay focused and avoid getting bogged down by a seemingly impossible endpoint. Because knowledge is the foundation of goal achievement, the G.A.I.N. Plan provides an underlying knowledge base upon which the four G.A.I.N. principles are built, including essential nutritional needs, appropriate goals and information about tissue health.


Based upon research threads and the critical factors that impact performance for any discipline, four principles have been defined that can, together, provide the foundation for a variety of programs that promote performance in weight control, overall fitness, athletic and artistic performance and added longevity.